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Forestry Products Market Update

Tecnon OrbiChem’s Bio-Materials newsletter recently published an update from major pine chemicals producers Kraton and Ingevity, as well as covering a company announcement from Fintoil. You can now access this information for free on this link below: Tecnon OrbiChem’s Bio-Materials newsletter also published this month a free-to-access Special Report on cellulose fibres, which is our …Continue reading»

Adhesives remain a high-growth area for bio-based chemicals developments

Research, development and commercialisation of various bio-based adhesive technologies have steadily risen driven by factors such as low VOC and carbon emission requirements; the need to lower costs of transporting and storing hazardous substances; growing consumer preference for plant-based materials and the need to reduce fossil dependence; as well as potential regulations stimulating the market …Continue reading»

State of the Renewable Chemicals Industry

Happy New Year! Tecnon OrbiChem’s first Biomaterials issue for 2019 just came out today and my special report for this month focuses on last year’s industry restructuring and project investment overview. My key takeaway for 2018 is that the renewable chemicals industry definitely continues to struggle especially when it comes to financing the commercialization phase …Continue reading»

Tecnon OrbiChem coverage of Bioplastics/SusPolyUrethane conferences

Tecnon OrbiChem experts have attended the two recent biopolymers conferences last month, SusPolyUrethane and the Bioplastics Business Breakfast at K2016. Below are summary of their coverage, which you can find full access at Greener polyurethanes – what’s next? The growing interest in sustainable raw materials and recyclables was evident amongst the attendees of the recent …Continue reading»

New BIO Report: Renewable Chemical Commercialization

Industry trade organization, BIO, has released a new report featuring snapshots of the renewable chemical industry, with profiles of companies that are commercializing new bio-based chemicals/materials including production capacity. The report is intended to illustrate the potential of this industry, which according to McKinsey & Co. in the report, is estimated to make up 11% …Continue reading»

Methanotrophs technology on the rise

有人问我谁是公司发展the use of methanotrophs (bugs that can convert methane to fuels/chemicals). It has been interesting to see more and more companies on this space and last year September at the INFOCAST bio-based summit in San Diego, Calysta announced the formation of, a research community and a …Continue reading»

Amyris launches Pathways Program

Yes, it has been awhile since I last blogged but no apologies here as I had a good time off visiting my hometown in the Philippines the past two weeks (despite working on my newsletter while there as well). It’s now back to the grinders for me and here’s an interesting news from Amyris about its …Continue reading»

2015: Renewable Chemicals Review

Hello. It’s me. Sorry for the long blog hiatus but I am currently in the second leg of my three continent-travel this month. I just came back today from London; flying to San Diego tomorrow, and Philippines the next Monday. Wish me luck! So let’s get on to this review. 2015 is a turning point for many renewable chemicals …Continue reading»

Twitter Live: INFOCAST Sustainable Chemicals Summit

Held in San Diego, California, the INFOCAST Sustainable Chemicals & Plastics Adoption & Applications Summit brought together consumer brand, OEM, retail decision makers, venture capitalists, financiers, corporate strategics, chemical majors, specialty, bio-based and sustainable chemical companies to provide a detailed overview of the challenges they face in ramping up the adoption of sustainable chemicals and …Continue reading»

Updates on Top Value Added Chemicals from Biomass

The July Bio-materials newsletter and other deadlines that I have for Tecnon OrbiChem is done, so now I can get back to blogging. I do hope readers were able to see some of the compiled tweets that I posted from the recently-held BIO World Congress in Montreal. This Monday, I will be tweeting a bit on Jefferies’ Industrial …Continue reading»